With more than 10 years’ experience and 1 million visitors over the world, Dans le Noir ? remains a unique success of a private independent program expanding into the world with 50% of staff with a severe disability.
Join this international Program and carry out a local project with Dans le Noir ?
This is the first step to a unique concept which will enhance your business success and image.
You can either develop a permanent project in larger cities as we do with our own restaurants in London, Paris or Barcelona for more than 10 years with permanent profit. You can also develop a Spa concept or other innovative concept including people with disability as we do in Europe.
In smaller cities you can develop a temporary project in partnership with local operators as main Hotels or local restaurants or spa. We also develop cultural events in the dark as exhibition, conference, reading, concert, …. and we organized within the 10 last years Corporate events or communication programs for major International Brands like Coca Cola in spain, Starbucks in UK or Louis Vuitton in France.
The Ethik Event team lead by Fabrice Roszczka is the most experimented in the world with more than 15 years of experience in many countries from Europe to Asia, Middle East and America.
To operate in the dark is a complicated process with many security and logistic issues. We are here to make the magic possible !


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« I was fearing stress, I felt serenity... »
Jean Pierre Raffarin (2004), French Prime Minister